so here is the new carrier I got to make a kit to run with my polar star. I want to get a pack that attaches to the molle webbing to hold my air tanks rather than wearing a backpack. the reason i got something new rather than just sticking with my wasatch is because the wasatch rig is not secure enough to attach alot of weight to. since the mag pouches are integrated, the vest is snug and comfy at the beginning of a round but as I remove magazines from the pouches, the vest loses tension and gets more and more loose fitting as time goes on causing it to shake and ride around, which would be made even worse by having the added weight of an HPA tank on the back.

this is a Rothco brand modular plate carrier in Coyote brown, it has a cumberbund that goes all the way around and secures in the front with velcro (this is also a quick way to remove the vest). I like this carrier because of the cumberbund specifically and of course the fact that I wont be using integrated pouches anymore. I felt that with a cumberbund rather than just a strap on the sides i would be able to get a more snug body-hugging fit that would be less likely to ride around due to more surface area clamped onto your body, and so far it seems like it will work great. it is very comfortable and I love that ill be able to get it on and off easily.

as with most gear Ive ever bought, it is too large for me even though I am not particularly small. I have it adjusted down as small as it goes to get it comfortable, and as you can see in a few of the photos i had to modify the cumberbund to get it to fit. it was entirely too big and had too much stretch, it was actually baggy on me. to make it tighter, I tucked the ends of the two halves into the sleeve at the back and used screw closure chain links to attach the cumberbund in the back through the molle webbing, and now i am able to get it tight enough.

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